My dog ate a whole pan of brownies

My dog ate a whole pan of brownies

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My dog ate a whole pan of brownies that had chocolate in them. I think that's his favorite food. I would like to know if he is likely to have trouble getting weight back on. He is a lab mix that weighs about 60 lbs. I also was told that the human's diet is the most important in a diet, so I am worried. I know that I should feed him healthy food. I do. But I'm not sure if he will have a weight problem. I want to make sure he is ok. He has some hr loss on his chest.

Hi I think your lab mix is a lab/poodle mix. They are not allowed to be pure labs or pure poodles so I'm assuming your dog is a mix. I'm assuming he was given brownies too. Lab breeds are prone to obesity.

Your dog is more prone to over eating because it's nature. Labs and some mixes of Lab and Poodle, are prone to obesity but not all of them. The diet is usually the cause of the obesity.

I see that he has a hr loss problem on his chest. Your dog has dry skin and that could be the problem. Dry skin can be uncomfortable. It's quite normal for a dog to have hr loss.

I don't know how old your dog is but if you notice that he is gning weight agn, and his hr loss is no longer an issue then it's probably fine. You should feed him a dogfood. Your dog will still be prone to obesity but not so much.



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I think you're right! He did eat a whole pan of brownies. I didn't know that lab/poodle was a problem. But you are right...the obesity could also be the cause of his bad allergies. I'm going to do a whole bunch of internet searches on skin care and allergies. Thanks for all the tips!

So, I've been researching on skin allergies and it seems like the most common one in dogs is fleas. I have a new pet so I'm really worried if this is the cause of my boy's allergies. He has no fleas in our house. I don't want to make the situation worse but if I don't take care of his skin then I'm sure his allergies will get worse. I know how important it is to have a healthy, happy dog. I will probably look into dog skin care treatments when I know more.

Well, I'm not a vet and I've never had a dog or cat, but from what I read on the internet, allergies can be caused by fleas and flea bites. So when I got my new puppy I read up on skin allergies and got the flea treatment and topical flea treatment. I've been reading that it's okay to give your dog flea powder or flea collars as a preventive measure. I also read that the topical flea treatment should be given twice a month until he's flea free. I don't have the topical flea treatment because I got it a while ago and I didn't know the first thing about skin allergies and didn't know that some topical treatments didn't work for dogs with skin allergies. Anyway, I think that you're dog has fleas, and I bet that his skin allergies are caused by flea bites.

I'm going to try to find some topical flea treatment that'll work for him. If he's been getting too many flea bites then maybe I should stop him from being outside because I don't want him to bite my furniture. This house is old so we're having to fix stuff and there's a lot of broken glass so I'd hate for my dog to get hurt and then get sick. So, if the fleas are keeping him from getting fresh r, then I'd like to give him a little fresh r. It's winter and I'd hate for him to catch a cold.

Well, I don't know about your dog, but my boy is really bothered by fleas. I've tried almost everything including the topical flea treatment but he still gets fleas and he still gets bites. I haven't given him flea collars because I don't want to upset him. He was really afrd of them but now that I know that they don't cause any harm to him, he's okay with them.

I thought that I might get away with just treating his fleas with topical flea treatments because I've seen a number of dogs with skin allergies that have come to their vet with skin problems and were diagnosed as having flea allergies. But when I started noticing a problem with his skin, then I stopped treating him with any sort of topical flea treatment.

Maybe my dog's fleas are too small so they just don't bother him that much. Maybe I should just try and give him a few days to clean himself off in the summer and see how he does. But then I'd have to keep him in the house. He's not housebroken so he's not really allowed to go outside.

So, how did your dog's skin allergies get under control? I'd really like to hear how you solved your dog's skin allergies problem.

There are times when the little things do hurt like anything else. Dogs and cats are very sensitive to different things and it's

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