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Horses at full gallop: This is what joie de vivre looks like

Horses at full gallop: This is what joie de vivre looks like

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Whether in the wild or on the pasture: horses galloping are lightning fast and majestic. Arabian foal gallops in the field: practice early! - Image: Shutterstock / Zuzule Galloping horse in the sunset - simply beautiful! - Image: Shutterstock / mariait Galloping mold in the snow: a dream for horses - Image: Shutterstock / Olga_i A black horse paces at a gallop: horse fun and pure joie de vivre - Image: Shutterstock / Makarova Viktoria Galloping through the water? A pleasure for horses - Image: Shutterstock / Olga_i Playing catch: horse and dog galloping in the snow - Image: Shutterstock / Viktoriia Bondarenko One of the fastest horses: Arabs galloping in the desert - Image: Shutterstock / meola Wild horses at a gallop: enjoy freedom - Image: Shutterstock / Jeanne Provost White horses gallop against each other: let's go! - Image: Shutterstock / mariait Cute: Horse family gallops through the sand - Image: Shutterstock / smeola

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