Thunder vests for dogs

Thunder vests for dogs

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Thunder vests for dogs

When I got a dog last year I noticed that not all the jackets she liked fit her. I also wanted something that would keep her warm and dry. I came across a lot of reviews on the internet and from dog clothes manufacturers saying that dog jackets with faux fur trim were the warmest and most durable.

One manufacturer that seems to be the best in terms of value for the money is Stormtech. I contacted Stormtech with a few questions and they gave me a call back the next day. I had a great conversation with the rep who told me about their history, design, and warranty. I was very impressed and decided to buy their dog vest.

The first thing that struck me about Stormtech was the fact that they give a lifetime warranty on their products. After I purchased my jacket and had it shipped, I had it back within 24 hours and the package had a big sign on it that sd "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL RECEIVED - WARRANTY CLM". I had never seen such an offer on a package before, and since it was from a reputable company I had to open it right away. The quality of the jacket was great. It was warm, and it had a strong nylon outer shell.

When I opened the package it had several things:

1. Instructions for use

2. A letter of introduction from Stormtech and a certificate of authenticity

3. The front door of the vest

The first thing that struck me about the front of the jacket was that the design is a little different from what I expected. The design is similar to the design for the dog jackets that I saw online, but these come with the same kind of material. For this jacket, Stormtech used a high quality duck down which is similar to the material they use on their sleeping bags and their sleeping pads. The material is breathable and is very soft to the touch. It keeps your dog warm, and I have noticed that it will keep me warm also.

In the center of the front of the jacket is a logo that says "Made in the USA". I assume that this is the factory where the jackets are made, but if it is the brand that I want to see, I would like to know where that factory is. I want to make sure that it is the real manufacturer, and not a knock off factory.

This is the jacket in the middle of the store. You can see the real company logo on the center of the jacket

The back of the jacket has the Stormtech symbol on it. On the bottom of the jacket is a label that says "Breathable - Hypersoft". I did not know what that meant until I was looking at it.

If you look closely at the label on the left it says "Hypersoft", and on the right it says "Breathable". This jacket is definitely breathable and I was surprised at the feeling.

The sleeves of this jacket have a zipper and a zipper pull that goes all the way around. The zipper is the regular kind and not the zipper where the zipper is attached to the zipper pull.

The right sleeve has a button and a zipper pull.

The left sleeve has a zipper and a zipper pull.

The back of the jacket has a Stormtech logo and a Stormtech name. The collar of the jacket is detachable.

Overall, I am very impressed with this jacket and I am looking forward to being able to wear it during the warmer months.

In the photo, you can see the jacket is grey in color.

The jacket on the right is my dog, and on the left is my dad's dog. The size chart on this jacket lists XL as 18-20 and large as 22-24, and the dog jackets are listed as adult sizes. If you are looking for a comfortable jacket for a dog, you should get a large size, especially if your dog is a large breed dog.

The zipper pull is a nice color that does not show dirt as much as a dark color.

The side seams of the jacket are done in a way where they are not obvious.

The material of the jacket is a lot better than I thought it would be, and I was not expecting such a nice material.

I would definitely recommend this jacket to anyone who is looking for a cold weather jacket that is more comfortable than most other jackets.

This jacket is priced at $75. If you want to purchase this jacket you can go to Amazon by clicking on this link to buy this jacket on Amazon. If you want to use an Amazon affiliate link you can by this jacket using my link below.

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