Gentle on the joints: orthopedic dog bed

Gentle on the joints: orthopedic dog bed

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Whether joint or spine disease: Many dogs have problems with the musculoskeletal system. In consultation with your veterinarian, various measures can then be taken to protect and relieve the animal - for example, an orthopedic dog bed. Gentle on the joints: Orthopedic dog bed - Image: Shutterstock / JPagetRFPhotos

1. Robust dog bed in four sizes

This sturdy orthopedic dog bed has a special filling that reacts to the weight and temperature of the dog and adapts to its shape. So the dog has a comfortable time and his musculoskeletal system is protected during sleep. The bed is easy to clean and with its four sizes suitable for different dog breeds.

2. Relieving mattress with thermo function

Anyone looking for a simple model will find a comfortable variant with different functions in this orthopedic dog bed. It is supplied with two soft, removable terry cloth covers, is easy to clean and has a two-layer, thermally insulating mattress. This provides pressure relief, prevents sagging and is hypoallergenic. With the incontinence liner, the dog bed is also secured for small incidents.

3. Chic and easy on the joints: dog sofa with orthopedic mattress

This soft dog bed looks like a real sofa, but not only cuts a good figure with its chic design. It is equipped with an orthopedic mattress and covered with a robust, waterproof fabric. It is easy to clean and can easily be rolled up for transport: How practical!

4. Soft and cozy with a plush inside

This beautiful red dog bed is a simple and cozy place to sleep for older dogs and animals with joint problems. It has a plush inside and reduces pressure points so that your four-legged friend can enjoy a good night's sleep.

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