Pumpkin pie for dogs

Pumpkin pie for dogs

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Pumpkin pie for dogs? Dog treat maker expands beyond pet market

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By Chris Lindahl

We all want to give our pets the best of everything – and a bowl of the most exciting treats – during our busiest days of the year.

But what if we were to look to the future and our dogs and cats had their own special kind of “holiday treat” – a delicious and nutritious treat they would look forward to eating at the same time we were?

And what if the treat was not a human favorite like sugar- or fat-laden cookies or bars, but was, instead, a healthier alternative with its own unique flavor?

The idea of dog treats made out of pumpkin pie filling is certainly not a new one. Many dogs love pumpkin pie – and the extra-filling pumpkin pie pumpkin is rich in nutrients and fiber.

But the idea of a dog treat made of pumpkin pie filling isn’t quite so simple. For one thing, pumpkin pie filling contains a high concentration of sugar (about 19 grams per cup), and it takes lots of time to bake and cool the filling enough to harden it into a treat. It takes even more time for dogs to finish one treat.

So, we asked a local dog treat maker if he had ever made a dog treat out of pumpkin pie filling, and he told us about a new product called Treats ’N’ Tots. This product is made by a local company, Dogtivity, in partnership with the Pet Food Institute, and it has recently been launched in the market. The product line is available at more than 300 Pet Stores, PetSmart and Petco, including those in Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to the Pet Food Institute, the company’s mission is to “improve the health of pets through the development of better quality, less expensive pet food.”

We were curious to know more about the product line and its products, so we recently visited the company’s headquarters, Dogtivity’s warehouse, and met with the CEO and the Pet Food Institute to learn more about this innovative product line.

The company

Dogtivity was founded in 2011 and started its business by making dog treats out of chocolate chips. However, as the founder explained to us, he had been a pet food consumer for years, and he was aware that people often felt uncomfortable with the idea of feeding their pets dog treats out of a package with ingredients like corn and potato.

He knew that his company was going to focus on “high-quality, all-natural products,” so he felt it was time to “go beyond the ‘treat’ and make a ‘treater’ product that would address the many different types of pet diets that are out there and the many pet products that don’t always address the needs of the pet.”

That’s when he started thinking about “how he could create a pet treat that was not only healthy for pets, but also was something that pet owners could feel good about.”

“We thought, well, this is a perfect time to launch a new product because we know that Thanksgiving is going to be here and we know that a lot of pet owners are looking for something that they can get that’s going to be a treat that their pets are going to look forward to.”

The ingredients in the pumpkin pie recipe are all-natural and are “high in the antioxidants that we know that pets need,” according to the Pet Food Institute’s chief veterinary officer, Dr. Jim Baker.

“Our company takes its mission very seriously. We want to be a leader in the industry in the quality and the health of our products and in the sustainability of our company.”

“The Pet Food Institute is committed to being a leader in the food industry in developing and distributing pet food and treats,” says Dr. Baker. “We know that the Pet Food Institute is a leader in the pet food industry in terms of its development and its science and in terms of its mission of helping pet food companies to become leaders in their industry.”

Dr. Baker also talked about the company’s research and development team, which makes sure that the pet food and treats that the company sells are safe and healthy.

“We look for ingredients that are going to deliver high levels of quality and nutrition, and the ingredients that we are going to put in our products have been screened and checked to see if they’re safe.”

Dr. Baker mentioned that the company is “doing lots of research into the nutritional needs of dogs,” and that they work closely with many experts in the dog food industry and dog nutrition.

As the Pet Food Institute’s Dr. Baker explained to us, pumpkin pie filling contains high levels of vitamin A, C, and E. It also contains the antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene.

In addition to the pumpkin pie filling, the company’s pumpkin pie treats include organic brown rice, organic white rice, organic whole grain, and organic corn. The treats also contain protein and fiber.

The company also uses only natural flavors, organic vegetable oils, organic vegetable and potato peels. The treats contain no GMOs.

The company’s products are kosher, and the company makes sure that their products are made in a way that is good for the animals.

Pumpkin pie for pets

When it comes to choosing dog treats, we’re pretty particular about the ingredients. We avoid products that have ingredients such as corn, and instead of choosing a dog treat made out of