Milk for house tigers: tips for cat-friendly enjoyment

Milk for house tigers: tips for cat-friendly enjoyment

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Almost all cats love milk and as a snack it is a welcome and popular change. If you want to make your cat happy every now and then, you should only give her special cat milk and pay close attention to the dosage and ingredients.

Normal milk is not healthy for our fluffy friends, even if they love to drink it. Luckily, products that are specially made for cats make drinking milk possible, but should only be given as a snack in between. You should also pay attention to this:

1. Cat's milk: Lactose-reduced tolerated for house tigers

For adult cats, the lactose contained in normal milk is difficult to digest or intolerable. Special cat milk is therefore not only creamy and tasty, but also reduced in lactose. You can order special varieties in small, cat-friendly portions online as well as in drugstores, pet stores and many supermarkets.

2. As a healthy snack: with additives

If you want to do something good for your kitten, you can add vitamins and important nutrients to it with cat milk. Products such as Cativia cat milk are enriched with taurine, biotin and various vitamins and are not only intended to improve the cat's fluid balance, but also to support digestion and the immune system.

3. Special milk for the little ones

If you raise an orphaned kitten with the bottle, you have a strenuous and responsible task. For the needs of the very youngest, special cat milk for baby cats is mixed, which you, in consultation with the veterinarian, regularly feed with vials, so that the four-legged friend stays healthy and quickly becomes big and strong. Such a product can also be used as a dietary supplement for young cats.

Delicious milk! Sugar-sweet mini-kittens drink their favorite drink

4. Important for cat milk: enjoyment only in moderation

Many of our fluffy pets are hard to stop when they see a bowl of milk. A small portion of about 50 ml in between is sufficient for adult cats, because cat milk is a snack, not a substitute for water. Especially when the products contain sugar, they make you fat excessively. The exact dosage recommendation can be found on the packaging of the respective product.