Motorhome cat 1 alarm fitted

Motorhome cat 1 alarm fitted

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Motorhome cat 1 alarm fitted

Hi all,

I recently purchased an American motorhome which the previous owner had converted to a 5 berth tent.

The alarm on the alarm/security panel which I have been told is fitted and has been tested works and appears to function. I'm not sure how it works or where it works?

However the alarm system does not have any indicator lights in the motorhome.

There is an electrical switch on the left hand side of the door leading to the security/alarm panel. I have connected one side of the circuit to the switch and the other side to the electrical system.

In the event of a burglary, I have fitted a cat1 (UK) burglar alarm unit to my motorhome (the only type I could get a hold of with my limited funds). This would sound an alarm in the caravan and be heard in my home. I have attached a photograph of the alarm which I am attaching with this post.

I am hoping that all this will be ok and it should function ok as it has been tested.

If anyone can help out, any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Paul B

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I just bought a similar 5 berth tent and it had a cat. It was not on the alarm panel and I don't know why. Was it left off in the old tent? I installed an alarm myself (the 5 berth one has a pre-configured alarm) and would recommend installing a catalaytic first.

A lot of them have this built into the alarm panel. The problem is that a lot of caravan alarms that aren't 'off the shelf' can't be programmed to only sound in your car, they sound at your house too.

I assume it's tested ok? What was it used to be on when you bought it?



It worked fine but it wasn't tested ok, it was a new caravan at the time and my alarm was supplied by a company who made their alarms for the caravan market.

However, to my knowledge, it was not one of the models of caravan with an alarm attached to it. The alarm was not pre-programmed to sound in the caravan, it could not be programmed to do that.

Now you say that's what the alarm came with. I have been told by a man in the caravan market that it is not unusual for alarms on new caravan models to be supplied by a company that makes their alarms for the caravan market.

As I understand it, it's a feature of the alarm company's policy not to have their alarm panel tested on the caravan that has the alarm on it. This alarm has not been tested and has not been programmed to sound in the caravan. If this is so, it's really not worth the risk.

Hi Chris, this really is a case of where I'm going to have to recommend that you get your caravan serviced and reprogrammed. The risk is just not worth taking, so I wouldn't even attempt to fix it myself, unless you have some very good experience in alarm repr.

If the alarm company refuses to have the alarm tested and changed, then it's just going to get worse and worse and when the big freeze hits (and it will, the risk is too great), you'll be without heating for an extended period and the fire alarm panel may be permanently damaged.

Have a chat with the alarm company, perhaps there are other ways of solving your problem?



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Hi Dan,

Its just the way it is. I understand the alarm companies reluctance to do this. However, it is for the consumer not them. I wouldn't mind the occasional false alarm because that would be something more that I can manage. What I don't want is to have no heating in the summer as that would be a nightmare. This way I am not in a situation that I may wake up in the dead of winter wondering if there is a fire or not. Thanks.

Hi there, as you know there's no way to turn a alarm off and the alarm will be in operation until the alarm company can find and fix it. This may take a few days. A problem of this nature is that your caravan is a complete loss and you don't have any means of knowing when the alarm has been fixed.

I am going to do a little research for you and suggest that you contact one of the larger alarm companies in the UK and expln your problem to them. I suggest that you do this today and let them know the potential problems you could have and how you can avoid them.

If you find that your caravan is a complete loss you could consider using some of the online alarm companies that are avlable but of course they are much less reliable than the alarm companies in the shops and I suspect that there would be far more problems.

Thanks for the advice and I appreciate that it is a bit of a chore for you. I will try and contact some of the companies and get their ideas. Thanks agn.

Hi Dan,

I would suggest that you call them up on their helpline to find out what their suggested solution is and how long it would take them to arrive. Of course if they suggest that you should get a new alarm then you are out of luck as it is not something that you can swap. However if it is something that they can fix it then you may have some hope. If it is a false alarm you need to be able to set the thermostat correctly so that the battery does not run down and the alarm does not trigger.

Thanks Dan,

I will have to ask them when they call up but have not yet spoken to them to find out if the alarm company can fix this. When they say how long to get here, will they charge for this if I have been in there less than 2 hours or if I have had my caravan in there for 2 hours, 1 hour or even less will they charge.

Thanks agn and hope to get an answer soon.

P.S. I have a 3 year old son and 2 dogs.

Thanks Dan for your help. We had not set the alarm when we left for holiday and they will not charge me for it. The man who came out sd that he could see the problem with the wires coming out of the thermostat and that the problem could be fixed. He sd that he would phone me when it was fixed and sd that it should not take too long.

My question is whether the man can only do this work at their offices? If he came out and was able to fix the problem but if the house needs a new thermostat then what if it is not avlable when we get back? In this case do I need to pay for the fix of the wiring issue, or can they provide this?

Thanks agn Dan and have a good week.



PS. Do I need to ask if they can fit the same thermostat as the existing one? I also am concerned that the heater keeps going off when the weather is so cold. This was on and off as the day moved on. I think it was something to do with the outside temperature setting it off. If this is not as dangerous as I think I might be a little better off getting a replacement heater.


This may help anyone else looking for advice:

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