Dog pulled out stitches

Dog pulled out stitches

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Dog pulled out stitches on my side

I had a very rough dog attack today, and one of my wounds (I guess its the top one) was ripped open in the middle of the day. We went for a walk, I was wearing jeans and a tanktop, and I was attacked from behind, and he managed to take my side pants and shirt off me, ripping open my skin and bruising my ribs pretty bad. It was a pretty long, hard fight, but the dogs I had were about as vicious as they get, and I ended up on the ground beating up the first dog (about 10 lbs) for about 2 minutes, before another came from behind and bit him. I had two big dogs with me, one of which was my husband, but the other one was a huge mastiff. I was bleeding pretty bad, and there was blood everywhere. When I stood up I saw the mastiff standing over the two dogs, and I could tell the mastiff was going to attack. I sd "stop, stop, don't you see how bad I'm hurt" and he sd "no, you're fine, just stop fighting." I went for the dogs, and when he saw me he ran away, but the mastiff attacked me a few seconds later. I managed to get up agn and run to the car. My husband had to pull me into the car, and the mastiff got into the car after us, but my husband got in with me, and he sd it was going to be okay and that the dogs were just going to try to stop us from leaving the neighborhood, so I put the car in gear and drove out of there as fast as I could. I was bleeding really bad and my husband drove me to the ER at a local clinic. When we got there, the doctor sd he was going to put me in the CT scanner for a scan, because he thought I might have a fractured rib (which I did) and because I had a gash in my side from the dog attack, and he wanted to make sure it didn't go any deeper. He had already told us he thought I was going to lose my leg, and he also told us he didn't think it was a bad thing, because the bite to my thigh was deep. We thought it was just a gash, and when we got to the hospital he took stitches, which were all removed about half an hour later, and my doctor sd he was worried I might have lost a bit of tissue, and my side looks really swollen. I asked him how he would know whether I'd lost any tissue and he sd "I know a lot of dogs," and then he didn't say anything else. We were really worried about me because it happened right after we left the park, and he wouldn't answer any questions. He put me in a bed and took my vital signs, and when he looked at my eyes and my breathing, he told my husband he was going to admit me, and he left the room. About 10 minutes later the doctor came back in and looked at me and sd "I'm going to admit you, but I can't