Short nose dog muzzle

Short nose dog muzzle

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Short nose dog muzzle

So, i am wondering if anyone else has noticed this one. Whenever i get my dogs close to my face their noses always go under my nose. This doesnt really bother me though as they never do it when not close to my face.

For example, my little guy normally goes under my nose when i am petting him and i dont mind. He doesnt really have a huge nose so its not to big and it doesnt really interfere with anything and im not really worried about it. When he gets close to me though, especially when im petting him and im near his nose, he always goes under it. I have had issues with this before as well.

I am thinking about getting a dog muzzle for this reason, but i dont want to use one that wont stay on. i dont want to have to be touching my dog while its wearing one. i would prefer to have one that i could use hands free. Does anyone have any experience with this? Has anyone used a muzzle that they just have on for like a day and a half and they just slip and pull off?

If you do get a muzzle, make sure you go in the store and ask what kind of adhesive it uses. If it's just a velcro strap or whatever then it won't stick for a day or two because it will lose its grip. I would only get one with at least one permanent place that you can attach it to, so you don't have to find a permanent way to attach it later.

Another thing to consider is how big a muzzle you need. If he's really close to your face when you pet him, and you've got a really short nose, he may need a longer muzzle than a normal size dog would. If you're looking at a short nose/big muzzle option, you might just want to try a normal sized dog.

The most common and effective muzzle I've come across is the rubber muzzle. You can find a good pr on-line. I usually get the smaller ones with the soft material. There are a couple on our muzzle store site. I had bought my first one on-line at the same time I found it. It's a smaller one which will fit a 50-60 pound dog.

To keep the muzzle on, you have a little velcro loop on each side. It slides onto a small piece of hard plastic molded into the muzzle. We make them to fit all breeds and sizes. I prefer to make the dog wear his first, then add the muzzle as a second step. If you go by just the velcro strap, it could fall off or slip. They can be hard to pull off your dog's face, so they won't be comfortable to wear.

Another option is to put the muzzle on your dog in the store. Many stores will let you hold on to it while they apply. I have had some of those where the dog has to wear it for at least 15 minutes. We even give them an adjustment period so they feel secure wearing it on their own while they're being adjusted. This is a great way to go, but you might not be comfortable having a dog that is still really excited and running around.

If you haven't found a muzzle that is right for you, you might want to try to find someone with a trned dog to help you with it. Some people might find they can only get a muzzle on a dog who is really calm, so they might want to look into getting a lesson with a professional.

I hope this helps and I hope to see you on the trl in the future!

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