Jelly like blood in cat's urine

Jelly like blood in cat's urine

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Jelly like blood in cat's urine and puke

is the best part is in

cute a lot of it

was a really sick, but also very, very funny


know like like it's it was it was really,

I I thought it was great.

Well my dad really has been great

like he's been great

like he's been really supportive, even

if he didn't like it as much.

But yeah, I just thought it was like a lot

of fun

and this is the first time that I've ever

tried out my voice acting

but it's actually going very well, like I

did this, a long time ago,

and I just like it a lot.

Oh, and yeah, so then, yeah, I mean it was

good. It was good that like when I started

doing the stuff with my friend, that it's

going to be

one of the first stories that people have


It was really good and it was really, really

fun and I think that

you know I really can

really do, like, I can really do voices.


I have a lot of experience with that so I


a little bit nervous about it. But it's going

really well.

You know, there's I have no expectations,

but you know I hope you like the story, like

you know, yeah, I hope

you liked the characters. I hope you like

the story.

I hope you like the story, and I hope you

think that it's

really a fun read. I really hope that you

like it.

But yeah, that's really how it was. Yeah,

so then after the story was finished and


I was actually very nervous, and I remember


my best friend, and we were like, this is

not going to

come out. We've been so, you know, there's

just no

expectations. I've read these, I think I

even did something

about them in this journal.

And so then it came out, it was really good.


I've been on Tumblr reading it over and over

and over, you know,

because I like doing that kind of stuff

and stuff that's really

you know that's really personal, but it's

actually going really

well so it's very cool.

That's really good news for me, because

now I have a book out.

I did a contest with, uh, with Barnes and


Yeah. You can check it out, the title's "A

Little Book,

A Beautiful Tale", and yeah, it's just a

very short story, and it's only ten pages,

but it's a really good story. It's about

a little boy who's

getting his first bike, and you know, how

he realizes that

if you do what you love, if you put your

heart and soul into something, it's going

to come out to you.

It's really a great story, you know. And

it's actually

going really well. There's only like, I think

there's like five books

left to go and then the other books come

out. And it's a good thing, you know, because

I was

getting more than I expected and I'm just

really happy with

the way it's coming out. I think it's going

to really catch a lot of people's attention,

you know. And I'm

really happy about it, so it's a good


That's what I'm looking forward to doing

is going to read it

in a couple days and just see how it goes

and how it's doing

and what people think, you know, because

that's always been

like the next step for me. That's what I've

been waiting for, for a

while, and I think it's going to be a very

positive experience for me.

I think that I was just really ready to

do that, you know, and I think

people are going to like it. I think the

only thing that's going

to change is that I'll probably be on

tour or, uh, go to college

and, you know, do all that, so it's just

going to be a

different day, you know, in a different

place with different

people. But it will be fun. That's really

what I'm looking forward to. I'm looking

forward to it.

I think that was a really good question.

I'm really happy.

To be honest, a lot of it was very last

minute, and it was, "Oh, you know, can

I put this in?"

It was all very last minute. The last few

weeks, every time I'd come

back from something, I'd have the book

completed. So I just kept on doing that.

And I'm going to be going to school in

three weeks and all that and I'm

really excited about that, but it's going

to be an interesting year.

I think I'm excited to see what happens

and, you know, I'm not

really doing anything different. It's just

a different place,

and I think it's going to be an interesting

year for me.

>,>, Is there anything else you want to say?

>,>, I think that's about

it. The thing I would say about having

come from

a, as you've said, being pretty, I mean,

I think I'm the first person to say

that on T.V., but being from

a very, I would say, pretty, you know,

informal family... My family

is a very, I mean, I would say, formal

family. And then going to a

pretty formal school and then coming to

college... You know, it's just being

different, and I think it's going to be


>,>, We are ready to go in. Our panel is all

ready to go.

I just wanted to put it up there, the

name of the book. The title is The Last


I think I spelled it right. The Last Girl,

I know it's short.

That's okay. I'm excited.

Thanks for having me.

I look forward to seeing you all again

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