Important: make the tilting window cat-proof

Important: make the tilting window cat-proof

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An open bottom-hung window can be very dangerous for cats: if they try to climb out, they slide into the gap, can no longer free themselves and are seriously injured. Anyone who equips their windows with a special device is therefore on the safe side. Important: make the tilting window safe for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Valerie Potapova

1. Classic protective grille for the windows

Special protective grids can be attached above and below the window, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury to your cat. You can screw on or glue on the protective grille so that you can now ventilate carefree, even if your room tiger is in the room.

2. Practical solution without drilling: special wooden blocks

If you are looking for a quick, simple solution for your window, you will find special tilting regulators such as these wooden blocks in online shops and specialty stores, which are inserted into the open window on both sides and thus prevent the window from closing. If your pet tries to get out of the window unnoticed, the block prevents it from slipping into the gap and seriously injuring itself.

3. Safety net for the window

If you want to open the window for ventilation or when the weather is fine, you should definitely equip it with a stable, wire-reinforced safety net. With the help of dowels, hooks and fastening lines you can mount such a net outside or inside. Safety nets are available in different sizes and colors, for big and for small cats.

4. To complement: A cozy lookout point

Is your bottom-hung window well secured? Perfect, then your cat can now lie comfortably by the window in the fresh air. If you want to make the place particularly beautiful, make it a special pleasure with a soft window lounger, a bowl of cat grass or a recess for the heater and at the same time ensure that your cat feels comfortable at the window even without trying to climb.

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