Cat father: behavior of the cat towards his kittens

Cat father: behavior of the cat towards his kittens

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Cat mothers take good care of their young - but what is the behavior like for a cat father? Here you can find out how hangovers look after their offspring and what that means for keeping domestic cats. A cat father usually does not treat his offspring as lovingly as this cat - Shutterstock / Irina Kozorog

Anyone who sees a cat mother suckling and cleaning her kittens may be surprised at how the father of the cats feels about his kittens. A father-mother-child family structure, as we know it from the human world, does not exist in the life of our furry pets. As a rule, a hangover is actually quite a raven father who does not show much interest in his babies or even becomes aggressive towards them.

Hangovers want to spread their genes

When it comes to wild cats, the father of cats has one priority in particular: spreading his or her genes as far as possible. This means that he has to produce as many litters as possible. Since a female cat can be pregnant by several tomcats, it happens in the wild that a wildcat father kills the kittens that he did not produce himself. In this way he makes sure that only his own hangovers and not the genes that rival genes are spread.

The father of the cat also stays at a distance in the house

Such brutal behavior is rare in our domestic cats, but is not excluded. House cats also rarely show loving father instincts. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Some fathers play with their young and form real family associations with the cat mother. This affection rarely has to do with family feelings, but results from the fact that the cats are socialized and shaped by the common attitude.

What you should consider with your domestic cat

If you have a male and a male cat, you should play it safe. Once the cat has given birth, you should not give the father access to the kittens. The best thing is for the father of the cat not to be in the same room as the newborn kittens. Under no circumstances should cats and kittens spend time together without supervision.

If the kittens are a bit older, about six to eight weeks, and the cat has a very gentle and loving character, you can slowly start to introduce him to the offspring and see if he accepts the kittens. However, you should constantly monitor the cat family and immediately separate the cat from the cat mother and babies if he shows the slightest sign of aggression.