Flea remedy: taking care of your best friend

Flea remedy: taking care of your best friend

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Fleas are big problems both for those who own pets and for the animals themselves. These dark brown insects easily spread, as their hind legs are strong, allowing them to easily jump from one animal to another. Therefore, it is important to know the types of remedy for fleas.

To avoid the reproduction of these insects, it can be used as flea medicine an anti-flea only on the animal. Although it does not kill adults, it interrupts the life cycle by preventing the incubation of eggs. If the animal does not come into contact with new fleas, the current population dissipates and the problem is controlled.

Different treatments to fight fleas

Fleas breed more easily in hot, humid climates. Such places require constant treatment anti-flea for pets, being ideal to start the treatment before the spring, when they appear. Fleas for pets, sold without a prescription, are less effective than prescriptions. Depending on the case, they control the infestation through lotions, shampoos, talc, sprays and collars.

The best treatment, however, is to include the internal and external environment in the process. That is, washing the bedding with hot water and soap and vacuuming carpets and, afterwards, throwing the bag away help the treatment with fleas for pets. Insect growth regulators, such as nebulizers, that kill adult fleas and those that are in the other stages of the cycle, are also effective. Aerosol nebulizers, on the other hand, do not always kill all fleas.

Sodium borate, which is soluble in water, can be applied to carpet to help with treatment. However, when the infestation is large, it becomes necessary to call a pest control. After the treatment is carried out on the animal and inside the house, it is time for the external environment. Sprays and insecticides are the most suitable.

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Care for flea bites in pets pet

There are animals that are allergic to flea saliva (this disease is called allergic flea bite dermatitis, and is also known as DAPP), causing great sensitivity. This causes severe itching and can even cause the animals to shed their hair and have inflammation and secondary skin infections.

Some animals may still have itching all over their bodies, even with just one bite. So, before choosing the flea medicine your pet, talk to the vet to evaluate the best option.

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