Minskin Cat Breed Information and Pictures

Minskin Cat Breed Information and Pictures

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  • Height: 7-8 inches
  • Weight: 4-6 lb
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Physique: Short, stocky body
  • Best Suited For: Families with children and pets, anyone who wants an active lap cat
  • Temperament: Sweet-tempered, friendly, intelligent, inquisitive
  • Comparable Breeds: Balinese, Somali, American Curl

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Minskin Breed History

The Minskin is a new breed of cat developed in Boston by Paul McSorley beginning in 1998. His vision was to develop a short-legged cat with fur restricted to the extremities as a variation on the color pointing seen in breeds like the Siamese. McSorley crossed a Munchin with a Sphynx, and also used a Devon Rex and a Burmese as he worked to perfect the breed. The first cat to meet McSorley’s boals was born in July 2000. By 2005, some 50 Minskin specimens existed. Currently, the development of the breed is being monitored by The International Cat Association.

Outgoing and affectionate, the Minskin like the company of its humans, and is especially good with children and other pets.

Breed Traits

The Minskin has very short legs, but they retain the same level of agility as any other active breed. Although a Minskin may have to be more inventive about finding a way to get to the topmost cabinet in the house, they always seem to figure it out! Outgoing and affectionate, the Minskin like the company of its humans, and is especially good with children and other pets. Intelligent, with a decidedly determined air, the Minskin is a friendly and entertaining companion. They adapt unusually well to new surroundings, quickly making themselves at home and thriving. They have an endearing eagerness to please, and communicate their needs well. They are not loud, but they easily make themselves understood.

Overall Description

The Minskin is one of the newest of all cat breeds. It has short legs, with fur only appearing at the “points” (tail, legs, nose, ears, and face.) Sparse hair covers the body, but the belly is always hairless. Where fur is present, it feels like the finest cashmere with the sheen of satin. Elsewhere the body is warm to the touch. Not surprisingly, shedding is minimal. The Minskin has a stocky, semi-cobby body and stands low to the ground. Large ears top a rounded head and equally round and big eyes lend a sweet and inquisitive expression to this funny little cat’s facial features. Because an average Minksin weighs in at 4 pounds, they are quite good cats to have in smaller homes and apartments. Without question, the Minskin’s appearance is odd, as is that of almost any hairless cat, but their personalities are so engaging that it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with these little imps of the cat world.


The Minskin comes in all colors and patterns.

Grooming Requirements

A Minskin is very easy to groom, requiring only regular bathing with a mild shampoo. This helps to keep their skin healthy, and to prevent the buildup of oils. Shedding is very minimal. Like all hairless cats, they do need protection from excessive exposure to the sun, and their skin should be checked regularly. In the winter, they may be prone to feeling the cold, but they’ll cheerfully wear sweaters, or better yet, snuggle with their humans.

Photo credit: Valeriy Sinitsin

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