Tips and Models for Dog Clothes

Tips and Models for Dog Clothes

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Nowadays it may seem that clothes for dogs are a futility, a pleasure, but the truth is that for some breeds, clothes for dogs are important and help protect your pet.

Unlike breeds such as Siberian Husky, which have two layers of hair, in addition to a layer of fat capable of protecting them from the cold, dogs with short coats or those that do not adapt to the cold suffer from low temperatures. Dog clothes are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Not only dog clothes are essential to take care of your puppy in the winter, but also shoes that prevent dogs from burning their paws in the snow, for example, or a very cold surface, and raincoat, to avoid getting their fur wet.

Dress up, don't insist on dressing your dog

On the other hand, one must pay attention to the choice of your puppy. Not all dog clothes are comfortable and / or recommended. For some breeds like yorkshire and maltese, dog clothes can be quite the opposite, as woolen ones, for example, can aggravate the picture of animals that are allergic.

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In addition, you must respect if your puppy does not accept the clothes, even if it is to protect him. Sometimes the bug doesn't adapt, the dog clothes can be uncomfortable, too tight, too hot, can get in the way of the dog walking and running, etc. If your dog is not willing to adhere to dog fashion, do not insist, there are still alternatives to protect him from the cold, such as ensuring a very cozy and protected house.

From cold to heat, summer fashion for dogs is also important

Now if your puppy loves to dress up, have fun in the summer too. Always remembering that care must be taken with the type of dog clothes chosen!

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