Crying dog - Learn why this happens and how to avoid it

Crying dog - Learn why this happens and how to avoid it

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Anyone who has a pet at home knows that hearing a dog crying is not uncommon, especially in cases where this dog is a puppy. However, the reasons for their crying can be quite varied, indicating a number of different feelings and needs.

In many cases, hearing a crying dog it can mean that your pet is just doing morning and seeking your attention to receive cuddles and cuddles. However, your puppy's crying can also indicate illness, sadness and loneliness, among other problems; therefore, staying connected to the signals that the animal sends can make all the difference so that its health and well-being can be maintained.

As the owners of canine pets already know, the crying of dogs is very different from that of humans and, although, in some cases, it is possible to notice that the dog has "watery" eyes, this has little to do with the act to cry - since what looks like tears are, in fact, the tear glands of animals acting to lubricate the eye region as a type of protection.

The actual crying of the dogs is, in fact, dry; and it is announced through the animal's vocalization, which emits sounds to attract attention and show sadness or some kind of discomfort. Find out, next, everything about the dogs cry, and understand why this happens, discovering valuable tips that can help you to end the problem, if you are the owner of a dog that lives crying.

Why do dogs cry?

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Most of the time, the pet owners who face the most problems with crying dogs are the ones who just took a puppy pet home. And it is not difficult to understand the reasons that lead these puppies to exhibit this type of behavior; since, suddenly, animals find themselves in a new environment, with unknown people and a whole new world - full of different smells, shapes, images and sounds, with which they have never had contact before.

This whole set of "strangeness" coupled with the fact that the puppy also (normally) has just been separated from its mother and siblings, causes a profound discomfort in the animal - leading to a feeling that can be described as “separation trauma”, and that affects them deeply.

Considering that, in the vast majority of times, the pet ends up being alone in some place of its new home at bedtime, the feeling of loneliness and abandonment ends up being even stronger, causing the dog to cry for long periods.

However, it is not only out of fear or loneliness that puppies cry, and their physical discomfort can also be responsible for long sessions of tears (of crocodile, since the weeping of dogs is dry). The cold, the wind, the rain, the hunger and the thirst are also factors that can make the puppy stressed and insecure, triggering the crying to attract the attention of its owners (or its mother, if they have not been separated) and receive some kind of solution or comfort.

It is very wrong to think that only puppies cry for these reasons, as dogs of all ages can exhibit this type of behavior because they spend a lot of time alone. Therefore, it is highly recommended that anyone wishing to have a pet at home, in advance, prepare to reserve part of their day to pet and play with the animal - since, in addition to encouraging crying, the loneliness of Dogs can also be responsible for the emergence of serious psychological problems in the animal, such as depression.

Likewise, the lack of food, water and pet exposure to cold and wind they can also make dogs of any age feel uncomfortable, causing them to cry. Another common attitude of animals is to cry in the morning - as children do - seeking the attention of their owners, even when they receive lots of affection.

However, if you hear your dog crying repeatedly and make sure that this attitude does not fit into any of the options described above, stay tuned; since the crying of animals (as well as humans) can also occur due to pain or malaise.

If this is the case, take the pet to a veterinarian it is the best option, since only a professional will be able to properly assess the health status of the animal and indicate the most appropriate treatment or care.

How to prevent dogs from crying?

Since, almost inevitably, your dog will cry at times, it is good to know some tricks and measures that can be taken to make these episodes occur as little as possible.

In the case of puppies, for example (as previously described), it is already known that the trauma of separation is one of the main motivations for crying and, therefore, keep the puppy feeling accompanied it is a great request to avoid your sadness. For this, when the dog has already spent the day playing with you, leaving the shirt you were wearing with the animal in the place where he sleeps can be a way to make him feel less alone - since he will smell you during all the time and, thus, you will have the feeling of being accompanied.

Leaving the animal with the company of a stuffed animal or even leaving a radio on (at low volume and at a station with a calmer schedule) in the environment where he goes to sleep are also measures that can help him deal with loneliness during his first days in a new home.

If you prefer, you can let the puppy sleep with you one night, so that you get used to it better and don't feel so alone at the first moment - however, try not to make it a habit; as this way, you may end up having even more problems getting the animal to sleep alone in the future.

An important factor - and that is valid for dogs of all ages - is that the pet owner makes sure that the pet is not short of food or water at any time, and keeps it in environments where it is protected from the cold, from the rain and the wind.

Another good method to prevent dogs from crying at night is to get them to spend a lot of energy during the day - so when you get the chance, play with the animal a lot (or even put energetic children to play with him); as this way, your pet will be very tired due to the activities of the day and, when night comes, he will sleep much more easily.

However, in cases where it is already known that your dog's crying is the result of pure morning, the attitude must be different; so that this type of behavior doesn’t become a habit and you keep listening to your dog crying for a long time. While ignoring your pet's saddened calls may seem like an extremely arduous task, this is exactly what you must do to end this tricky custom of dogs.

As difficult as it may seem not to meet the pet calls, it is important to remember that if you run to pet him every time he calls, the dog will understand that it is the most efficient way to gain your attention and, in addition to continuing to whimper, will start to cry louder and louder. strong - aggravating a problem that can get worse and worse and requiring the hiring of a professional to solve it.

Therefore, when you hear your dog crying in the morning, hold on to your urge to answer calls - and go to meet him only when he stops crying; making him assimilate that it is not crying that catches his attention, but his good behavior. This process can take a little while for the dog to get completely used, however, it is the best way to guarantee a more peaceful life and without the weeping of your pet.

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