What can i feed a stray cat

What can i feed a stray cat

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What can i feed a stray cat that will keep it'sself on the property where it lives?

I want to feed the stray cats that live on our property and I know that it will have to be fed more than once a day because they come in and out. So what should i feed them in order to make them stay?

I would suggest a mix of meat and vegetables with a little canned food. You could try a small amount of catnip or dried catnip. They will like it. My cat loves it. I also would like to try the tuna as an extra treat.

I do know a guy that has a cat feeder outside and when he comes home it's filled with food. I've never had a cat jump up and eat out of it but i'm sure they have tried. My cat loves to eat out of a cup from the back of the microwave. I know they love to drink out of water bowls but you have to be careful because the water is free for them.

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I think the key is to find something they will like and then be prepared to feed it every day and not stop. I have cats and dogs in the house and they seem to know when we aren't feeding them and they go and find their own food.

If you are going to feed it every day and they know it, you might want to get the food mixed in with something that is high in calories. This way they will stay off the food and will be able to use the extra energy to hunt for food and exercise.

I feed two cats dly and when I run out of food I just put a bag in the garage with some food in it and the next morning they both are there eating it. It seems like when I run out of food in the morning they are always there wting for me to get the bag out.

I would say a good mix of a few different kinds of canned food, dry food, and whatever you can think of that they might enjoy. It will be hard to know until you try, but you will find something that they will really like.

This is probably the best way to do it...

But, if you can't get them to eat your food, don't worry. I used to feed the local shelter a small amount of food a couple of times a day. There were some days when I would go get a bag of food for them (usually dog food), and take it to their house, so I wouldn't have to carry a bag around with me all the time. Just be sure to get a bag of regular food, as well as the canned, and be sure to check it every so often to make sure there isn't anything bad in it that will kill them.

And be prepared to let them go hungry sometimes. Most of them will go to their kennels when they don't have any food, and most will find another spot to sleep if there is one around.

And you can have a water bottle in your house, and they will always come and drink some when they are thirsty.



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The answer to your question is frly simple.

I had a cat (sadly I lost her) for a long time and she enjoyed meat as much as anything else. So my rule of thumb would be to keep them eating meat whenever you are home.

I know it sounds a little barbaric but it worked well for me.

The food should be a varied diet, with meat and other protein sources, veggies, and some fiber as well. Some canned food, or a bit of dried food are not enough for a stray.

I've seen many stray cats find something they like on their own. They are usually pretty smart and able to use a food dispenser, water dish or dish. In my area it's usually free cat food.

You can also try catnip. It's an acquired taste for some cats, but they do like it. I've fed a catnip dish to a few of my cats, but most of them hate it.

One thing to consider is that stray cats are often feral, and may try to eat anything. So, if you're going to start feeding your cats, make sure it's something they'll actually eat and try to get to know it and like it. You'll know it's working if they start coming in for it.

Also, when you feed the cat, you'll be able to figure out what kinds of things they prefer in their food. You can then try feeding them those things, and see if it works. If not, try something else.

And I agree with the others who sd it would be best to feed them something high in protein.



I will love you, love you always. No matter what you do, I will still love you, love you always.

-Chuck Close

I feed 2 cats every day and my food costs me about $25 a month. I feed a mixture of dry food, canned food, and a little chicken broth or canned broth. I feed 2 cans of canned food and 1 of dry food every day and my cats are healthy and stay indoors most of the time.

The cats I have are outdoor cats, so they can't go in the house. I also live in an apartment, so I can't just let them out. They have to use the bathroom at night and during the day if they need to go out.

I feed a mixture of two different kinds of dry food and one kind of canned food for the cats. I also feed them meat and veggies once a week, so they have a variety of different foods. My cats come into the house dly and they seem to like the food I give them, so I know they don't

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