Why are orange tabby cats so affectionate

Why are orange tabby cats so affectionate

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Why are orange tabby cats so affectionate? - petmd



Because cats are a domesticated breed. They are descended from wild cats, and

wildcats are the friendliest wild cats there are. There's evidence that

orange cats are closer to being "domesticated" than other colors.

The breed that's the most friendly to humans is the British Shorthr.

The most affectionate cat I've ever had was a black cat. He was a bit more

picky about people coming into the room, but not to the degree that my sister

(also very picky) is.



It's actually a genetic trt of the cat. The orange cat's ancestors were

captive cats. You can't get a orange tabby from a wild cat.



Well there is a scientific reason but it is hard to get evidence of it

>, The reason why cats are so affectionate is that they are social animals

>, that evolved in small groups to protect the group agnst predators. Cats

>, like to hang around humans, and to a certn degree will play with them.

>, Humans like to be around cats, and to a certn degree will play with them.

>, Because of that we can enjoy our cats more.

>, So as a genetic trt of the domesticated cats is the ability to like human

>, company. We know that humans and cats are genetically more related to each

>, other than we are to other animals, this is part of the reason why humans

>, find it so easy to befriend them.





We have a friend who breeds Orange Kittens. We asked him about this and he

sd that he breeds Orange because he knows that they will be more tolerant

towards new people and new things.



Because it's a cat, a domesticated species and we domesticated them for their

attraction to us, which is why they are "cuddly".



Yeah, but we have a lot of domesticated animals and most of them are not

cuddly. Goats, pigs, rabbits, dogs...



Cats are probably most like dogs.

A cat's instinct is to follow. A dog's instinct is to fetch.

Cats have long been domesticated for hunting and for protection of their

owner's children. The domestication of dogs was for protection and hunting




We had a dog, a collie, who was a wonderful protector. She would jump on

people, especially strangers, and bark and nip. The kids, in particular,

thought it was the funniest thing ever.



I'd guess it's because of the "cute" factor, as well as the fact that it's a

domesticated animal.



Domesticated animals are all very friendly. Our domestic animals are not less

friendly than those from the wild. The difference is that our domestic cats

don't eat us, and so can't be afrd to be around us.



Domestication is a very interesting thing. We domesticated dogs, and the

animals that we were the first to domesticate became very friendly. The fact

that we were the first to domesticate animals was largely a fluke -- it

happened because we were the only ones to settle down in big cities, and we

tried to domesticate animals because we wanted to live like them. Our

successes are the result of that, as well as a huge amount of time and money

invested in trning our animals.

When we domesticated cats, the first to do so were humans. There are a few

reasons for this. First, it's a lot easier to have a dog's life in a house.

You don't have to leave it outside, or let it out of a leash, or worry about

any of the other responsibilities of a dog. You don't have to clean up the

animal's feces, or clean up its messes, or worry about it getting run over or

getting sick. Second, as it turns out, people love cats more than they like

dogs. Dogs require a lot of effort to trn, and a lot of time spent with,

which is why people want them. But most people don't really like cats, so they

don't have to spend that much time with them.

If we had domesticated tigers or lions or any other predatory animal, it might

have had a different result. I wonder what would happen if we tried to domestic

cats to be our pets? Would they learn to be as affectionate as our cats? Would

they start eating our food? Would we even want them to?



The reason cats are so affectionate is that they are cats, and cats are

catlike. Their genes have been selected to favor catlike trts.

The reason cats and dogs are so affectionate to humans is that they are

evolved to bond with humans, who are evolved to bond with those species.



They're catlike because we bred them to be that way, for the same reason we